Kuda's Clothes - Umbra Explorer

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Be ready to explore the wastes with the Umbra Explorer outfit, made for Furality Umbra! (https://furality.org/#home)
I am not affiliated with Furality. Inc, just inspired by.

Features an interactive face scarf you can pull down, goggles you can pull up, and different toggles for removing clothing!

These are fit to Kuda's Standard bases (Avian/Hooves/Dragons/Jex/Canines).
There is no fit to my Sylvin or Cheribrum/Amphibrums yet. I cannot guarantee a version will be made before Umbra.

NOW WITH FURALITY UMBRA READY MATERIALS AND MASKS! Make sure to check your Library for the extra folder and Unitypackage, and be sure to read the ReadMe first!

Umbra Explorer Public Husky

Purchase includes VRCFury Unitypackage prefabs for each Standard species, Alpha Mask templates for your Body texture, the FBXs for each species fit, and the SPP and PSD file for the clothing textures.

Public Canine avatar as shown with this clothing and texture will be available at the Furality Umbra Dealers Den, in my booth #110,
But you can also clone it here! https://vrchat.com/home/avatar/avtr_eb8ed8eb-c107-4e64-b4e3-89b35209826e
It will also be in my avatar world after the convention!
(I plan on linking more public avatars for my other species with the clothing; in the description here closer to Furality!)

PLEASE READ THE README FIRST FOR EASIEST INSTALLATION!! The prefab for this outfit uses VRCFury for an easy installation, with a video on how to use it + a step-by-step text guide included in the Readme on how to add it on to your model by hand.

Clothing Stats:
One Armature:
52 Bones
Five Meshes:
- Face Scarf: 1,464 vertices, 1 material (Umbra HeadHandsFeet)
- Goggles: 1,691 vertices, 1 material (Umbra HeadHandsFeet)
- Boots and Gloves: 3,312 vertices, 1 material (Umbra HeadHandsFeet)
- Chestpiece: 3,082 vertices, 1 material (Umbra Upper Torso)
- Pants: 4,697 vertices, 1 material (Umbra Pants)
Total Vertices: 14,246
Total Materials: 3

Note: For optimization's sake, the Pants have 'missing' faces under overlapping mesh - like under the side panels/water bottle. This can be easily fixed, but please keep this in mind if you intend on doing heavy editing of the pants for personal use.


Avatars shown in display images/video:
Kuda's Canines:
Kuda's Hooves:
Kuda's Avians:

I want this!

VRCFury Prefab Unitypackages, SPP files, PSD files, Textures, FBXs

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Kuda's Clothes - Umbra Explorer

20 ratings
I want this!