Cheribrum - Model and VRC Avatar pack

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Cheribrum - Model and VRC Avatar pack

Kudalyn's Creations
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Physbones Notice: These Gumroad packs are not updated to Physbones yet.
Generous users in my Discord server have been working on and providing scenes for Unity projects to more easily update your model to the new SDK and Physbones. I will be updating these official packs to the new SDK and Physbones as soon as I have time to do so. Thank you for your understanding!


Not Quest Compatible

Thank you for your interest!

The Cheribrum is a custom species, created and designed by myself. There is currently no lore for them yet, but it's a work in progress!

This is a model and texture collection, open to customization and prepared for full-body tracking.

Contained inside is all you'll need to make your own Cheribrum, complete with lip-syncing and multiple blendshape sliders for facial features and body shapes. Male and Female sliders on the same mesh!

Included is the License and TOS for using and customizing this model. Open to customize and use for commissions, but requires new purchase of the model for every client/project that the model is used for. NOT for reselling. More details inside.

There will be updates in the future as needed, every update to this model and package is free for every license purchased.

I am indefinitely closed for avatar retexture commissions, but if looking for a custom texture, please join my Discord server! There are artists in there you can get in contact with who will take commissions for my avatars.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/4pYbWM9


November 2021 Update:

  • Unity 2019 package now live!

August 2021 Updates: 

- Improved weight painting around Hips and Fingers

- Even more blendshapes for customization!

- Altered UVs for Orb and Bauble tail options to reduce seams

- New SPP for No-Fluff blendshape painting

- Refined Unitypackage to include Basic and Deluxe radial setups

- Added Little-finger bones to hands so model can be used in VRM


-  Avatar built for Full-body tracking in VRChat (packages for other games may be
  developed in the future)

- Complex SDK3/Avatar 3.0 menu system for changing multiple features on the go.
 (Includes tail control, ear control, expressions menu, body features and shape controls,         muzzle shape and texture changes controls, horns/tail type menus, hue slider for body and tail/horns.)

- Custom hue shader to change hue of textures both in Unity and in-game.

-  Model with full eye tracking and many blendshapes for lots of customization of features, gender, body shape, and more!

- SPP files for retexturing, but also pngs of the UV layouts for editing in other programs.

Note: This avatar is NOT Quest compatible.


How to use: Please read the Read Me inside the package for how to upload the avatar to VRChat! Guide is also included in the Unitypackage.

Note: Unless you are ranked as New User, you cannot upload custom avatars.


--Avatar World--

If interested in testing out the model before purchase, I have a world with my models and public avatars uploaded to VRC: https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_b9cc7a4f-8365-4882-9c4e-2cbfce459a91


Gumroad package contains:

- Blender file
- Substance Painter file
- Texture PNGs and UV layouts
- Unitypackage prebuilt for VRChat

Package Does NOT Contain:
- Dynamic Bone script. (Get it here: https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/6712)

OR: Markcreator's Dynamic Bone Container: https://github.com/Markcreator/VRChat-Tools

- VRCSDK script. (MADE FOR SDK3 - get it here: https://vrchat.com/home/download)

I want this!

Blender file, FBX, SPP file, Texture PNGs, Unitypackage prebuilt for VRChat

789.6 MB


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