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Kuda's Assets - Small Feathered Wings

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For when you're feelin' a little flighty.

Some feathered wings! Included is a guide on how to attach/use, a Unitypackage with prefab, textures, and SPP and PSD files.

Note! This was made scaled to my Cheribrum, but should be able to be used on most models.
Just scale by the CHEST bone, and not the wing bones themselves, to avoid interference with the wing animations.
Included is a how-to use visual guide. Please refer to it.

Cheribrum texture used for display is custom for Kudalyn's use only.


Purchaser of this asset has permission to:

- Use these assets for personal use, commissions, and/or public models.
(If placed on a public avatar, please include credit for assets + gumroad link)

Purchaser of this asset Does Not have permission to:

- Claim they created the assets themselves.
- Use the assets/put them on an avatar that is in any way malicious or illicit in nature (as in anything antagonistic or harmful.)
- Share or sell the raw assets of the model(s) to the public in any way, shape or manner on any platform.
- Share or sell altered versions of the model(s) they have created as their own original creation on any platform.
- Sold/shared in a premade package/avatar.

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FBX, SPP, PSD, Unitypackage, Textures, Guide on how to use.

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Kuda's Assets - Small Feathered Wings

2 ratings
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