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Kuda's Jex - Model and VRC Avatar pack

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Now Improved and updated to the VRC Creator Companion!

Not Quest Compatible

DISCLAIMER: The Kitsune DLC has NOT YET been updated to work with the August 2023 Jex.
I will be updating the DLC ASAP. Until then, the previous version of the Jex is still completely viable. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your interest!

This is a model and texture collection. Contained inside is all you'll need to make your own Kuda's Jex avatar.
This is a new standalone model!


  • Full-Body Tracking compatibility
  • Three textures and multiple assets for customization.
  • Blendshapes for an immense amount of customization for body, face, and details
  • Male and Female blendshapes on same mesh.
  • MMD Visemes and expressions.
  • Contacts for special interaction with other Kuda's Avatars and the world around you.

There will be updates in the future as needed. All updates for a purchased license for this specific model are free!

Included is the License and TOS for using and customizing this model. Open to customize and use for commissions, but both client and commissioner need to both own a license key for the Jex. NOT for reselling. More details inside.

I am indefinitely closed for avatar retexture commissions, but if looking for a custom texture, please join my Discord server! There are artists in there you can get in contact with who will take commissions for my avatars.

Discord link in Website!

4th images render done by @ItsJag


--Avatar World--
If interested in testing out the model before purchase, I have a world with the models and public avatars uploaded to VRC:


Package Does Contain:

USES UNITY 2019.4.31f

- Textures, SPP files and PSD files

- Unitypackage with presets

- FBX and Blender files

- Upload guide and Discord server link

Please let me know if you have any issues! Message me @Kudalyn on twitter.


Notice: If the VRC Uploader says the hips are not 180 degrees and 'might not work well' with FBT - it does. I have FBT and test all my avatars. VRChat just likes to complain - even if you have that notice error, you should be able to upload your avatar with no issues. If you do, please contact me.

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Blender files, FBX files, SPP files, PSD files, Texture pngs, Unity Packages


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Kuda's Jex - Model and VRC Avatar pack

84 ratings
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