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Glow Bracelets and Party Hat - NEW 2.0 Version!

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Thank you all for your support. As a celebration for reaching a personal milestone in my Gumroad, I decided for fun to remake my most popular 'by-individual-sales' item in my store: my Party Hat and Glowsticks.

All assets have been recreated from scratch.
Party Hat has less polys, includes PSD and SPP and UV maps, and just looks a bit nicer.
Glowsticks now include a single glowstick, double stack, and an optimized humanoid rig prefab. It's mainly designed to work out of the box with Kuda's Standard bases but should be easily adjustable in Unity for any rig.
Prefabs are set up for Physbones, but can be used with dynamic bones with tweaking.

I hope you enjoy these new assets! I hope to continue to gain your support in the future.

Just some silly little props I made some time ago. I've already been sharing them for free with friends since they took me no time to make, so have them here too!

The bracelet has a few different default textures you can use, but I included the spp. if you want to change the colors. The hat is very roughly UV'd up, but it works well enough and even has bones to put dynamic jiggles on the streamers at the top. 


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FBX, Blender files, SPP files, textures.

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Glow Bracelets and Party Hat - NEW 2.0 Version!

60 ratings
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